Wednesday, January 14, 2009

don't walk on the grass

I wanna see you.
Not meet.


Quote of the week.

"What's with the blank stares?" (pause) "Did anybody read the readings?? Helloo? Guys! Hey!" (pause) "Please, God! Please tell me you read the stories!! I don't believe in God but I'm calling out some higher cosmic being, here."-CW 10 prof


working on character sketch.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Okay, I love you.


Breaking up is weird. So we decided to stay together. So malabo.

I think code name: ADDU put gayuma in the durian candy I ate.

Still, he's a gentleman and he got our Washey oranges when I asked him too.

Sana mas cute siya, but well.. You can't have everything, diba?

I heart "generous friends" every girl has GOT to have one. They're fuun.

And to my secret, only-paddy-knows crush:
I think you should go out with me.
Valentine's day is near.
Go out with me? Please?

Okay. Fine..


I love this video!!!!!

TRUE LOVE! ♥. Ewan ko sa'yo, Paige.


Crush? Ganito lang 'yun.

Yes. Your livejournal..
I love you na, nga.

{ Paddy, DON'T GET MAD. You know me. ;) }

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Pinays hesitant to leave Gaza because of 'love'

MANILA, Philippines - Unless their Palestinian husbands are allowed to evacuate with them, some of the Filipinas residing in the Gaza Strip are hesitant to be repatriated to the Philippines, an official from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said.

Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Esteban Conejos Jr said the situation in Gaza is so fluid because of the changing number of Filipinos who want to avail of the government's repatriation plan.

There are 108 Filipinos currently in Gaza, children included, 20 of whom are married to Palestinians. Only one is considered an overseas Filipino worker, Isabelita Balala, a domestic helper from Tarlac.

Initially, the DFA reported that 70 Filipinos, mostly women and children, would arrive in Manila on Monday. The number was trimmed down to 66, then to 13, until finally only six confirmed their plans to leave the conflict-ridden area as of posting time.

Conejos explained that some of the Filipinas find difficulty in leaving their Palestinian husbands after the Israeli government only allowed Philippine citizens and their children to move out of Gaza.

The Filipino women retained their Philippine citizenship despite an average of 15 years of residency in the Gaza Strip. Conejos reported that these women also hold a Palestinian identity card. "These (women) are not contract workers," Conejos said, "These are people who have attached roots there."

Most of the Filipinas met their husbands in the early 90s, Conejos said, as throngs of Palestinian students went to Manila to study.

Despite their well-organized repatriation plan, Conejos stressed that they cannot force the Filipinos to return home. The DFA official said they might face sanctions from the UN should they force such rules.

"In times of war, no other entity can guarantee their safety other than the nationals (themselves). The ultimate responsibility is on them," Conejos said.

DFA spokesperson Claro Cristobal told reporters that the situation in the Gaza Strip is different from the past repatriation plans in Lebanon where approximately 30,000 Filipino workers were returned home.

Cristobal said the Filipinos this time are not definite with their plans despite the ensuing conflict in Gaza.

"It must really be love," he said. - Mark Joseph Ubalde, GMANews.TV


Put on your best dress
Just be yourself
You think you're special
You're just like everybody else
Put on your makeup
Show me your smile
Maybe they'll love you
For just a little while

It's an ugly game you play
When what you really mean to say

Is I'm not good enough for you
And I'm not everything you need
Well I don't care if all that's true
'Cause I'm good enough for me

And I won't be your consolation prize
I won't be your second place this time
I don't need you to cut me down to size

Yeah. Remember that, next time.


[So mean, I KNOW.]

Saturday, January 3, 2009

His New Year's Resolution

Stop dressing like crap. Ever the supportive girlfriend... Ta-dah! Anyway, Paddy dearest, I think you're onto something with the loafers. Chuck Bass kept wearing loafers. Even on the beach! Hahaha.. Good boy. So.. Yeah. Here. They're all pretty shitty as compared to the other stuff I make, but we're not about the presentation, right? So here. Happy Shopping. (though i'd prefer you spend your cash on me, but that's just me.) Meloves you.

casual saturday's-p by whoopee

Casual Saturdays
I know you wanna don those loafers so there you go.
Loafers look best with dark colored shorts and those collared shirts you wanted.
Best get loafers in neutral colors or colors you'd most likely want in your wardrobe.
You love your aviators, I know.
But more than me?
[can also be used for school, so you don't get too sloppy.]

after soccer practice-p by whoopee

After Soccer Practice
I know you get cranky, lazy, and sweaty.
So shorts, slippers, and a graphic tee will do.
White shirts, black print.
Black, leather slippers.
Walk shorts are best here because they add polish to the slippers and shirt combination.
Again, less is more.
Add Ralph Lauren for extra oomph.
Hanging Out with Your Favorite Girl
*cough cough
I cannot stress anymore on the importance of white shirts.
Or any shirt in a good, solid color.
If you find a shirt that fits you perfectly, BUY THEM IN EVERY (GOOD) FREAKIN' COLOR!
Dark jeans look sexy. Swear.
They even make your Stan Smiths look better.
A good sweater makes a difference. You were right about the stripes,love. So go!
Can be used for "lab days" for school.
As well as family things.
Remember: Throw on that cardigan/jacket!
They make all the difference between "school" and "occasion".
Accessorize! That's why you have TWO watches.
Aviators still rule.
P.S. If you still use that green backpack of yours, now's the best time to say buhbye.
Opt for a good messenger bag.
Preferrably in dark colors so it doesn't show when it's dirty.
I know I sound bossy, but I'd still like you even if you wore a sheet.Wait. I'd actually PREFER the sheet. Hahaha.. Kidding. Tap. Tap. Tap. :))

Super Bounce Out!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

kick it.

you know when you're supposed to be happy but you're not because all the important people you just learned to value happened to not give a shit about you? wait. you'll never have to go through that. im praying you never will. if God really cares, He'd at least be nicer to you. And give you less bullshit than He gave me. Happy New Year.

procastinator, procastinator.

Fine. I know I promised that I would be less shallow but I just saw (yes, late. iknow.) Britney's new video. Circus. So there. I liked what i saw, and that led to me checking out MORE videos instead of working on CW10. I'll be a good person and put them up here. Like that.

I can't embed Circus so I'm putting up Katy Perry's Hot n' Cold..
Because I like this one and i think my crush reads my blog.
We are hot and cold, baby. You and me.

I like this one, too. I have shining sta-ar in my head.
Live Your Life. :))
[And please stay out of mine.]

That's it.