Monday, December 29, 2008

i'm your bad habit

him:how about a kiss? hahahahaha
I don't even know you! hahahahaha

Familiar? Hahaha ;)

Aww. You're in love. That's cute. Real cute. P.S. I'm STILL stalking your ex.



Mica, remember this? (Nerd on right is me.)
I miiisss youuuu!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boarding School

Boarding School by whoopee

See that new widget i added? yes! the one on the left!
Under the "My Brain's Made of Andy Warhol".
That's Polyvore,dears. :)
My new funnest game.
I'll be posting more sets soon.
This one's not my first but lots people liked this one.
(okay, three, but that's a great start for someone who just posted it on a group yaknow. :) )

Saturday, December 27, 2008

off the bus

i need to be more specific with my goals. i kept saying how i want next year to be great. how i want to do all these things and shit, but i realized i really need to get off my bum and DO something. I can't remember the last time i went all out on something. i'll be the first to admit that i just manage to scrape enough effort to get a so-so in almost every task that i undertake. i feel like i'm cheating myself sometimes. there are things that im notso good at but i think they deserve a certain effort as well. last sem's 3 was really awful. i need to kick it in high gear this year.


2.Family-take time to check in on them once in a while. text daddy(and not just to ask for allowance!), be nicer to my sister.


4.Boyfriend-be nicer and remind him his girlfriend is crazy 'bout him.

5.Acads-do some actual studying! work your ass off. this first before anything else!

i'm healthy. my family's great and they support my every move. I'm in UP (studying in a course i love!), the best University in the country. My life, though it has it's downs has really been pretty much a treat. I have great friends who make up the best support group that a girl can have. Patrick is a wonderful guy with a wonderful family. I'M PRETTY GOSH-DARNED BLESSED! THANK YOU LORD. i guess when i complain of the crap i have to go through, i don't take time to look around and thank God for the little and important things He gave me. I guess 2009 ought to be payback time for all that He's done for me and for the people I love. I promise to make the best of next year. Gosh, I hope I pull this one off.

There's nothing wrong with being a good person.

I don't know why it's hard for me to be one. I want to be the type that goes around spreading love. Nobody really thought I could do that. So here are New Year's Resolutions.. Kind of.

1. Pray. Go to mass. Really go to mass.

2.Deliberate before doing anything or saying anything.

3.Stop making it up as I go along and take control.

4.carpe diem.


Friday, December 26, 2008


I know right? I checked out his facebook and his "friend" (I'm totally getting busted for this!!) posted on his wall! (Awwww.. Soo cute.) I was shocked to the highest power that I freaked.. Okay. Enough. Giving myself away already!
I like reading celebrity blogs. And a certain blog makes me wanna eat cake. Guess, guess. Anyway, I was following Lily Allen's blog on Myspace when I checked out Katy Perry's blog. She looks cuute! Really. Now I feel like I'm cheating on Lily Allen. Oh well. The screenshots look really tiny though.

I've been feeling more of a loser lately. This isn't my fault? Maybe. I wanna wrap all of you up in re-used Christmas wrapper and ship you off to Easter Island.

Wait. The Bermuda Triangle. So you'd be lost forever.

P.S. I love it when you say *bleeep*. To me it sounds like "I love you." I pretend it does.

[Paddy, this isn't you. But you know this. And only you know this because Imma tell you when you wake up. Benefits of having your best friend and boyfriend all rolled into one.]

I forgot what your prom dress looked like.

I was rooting for you, you know. Just thought you should know that before you go around hurting people. Never did I say ANYTHING AGAINST YOU. And I would totally be there. You know that. You do. I wish you'd think about that. I don't even hate you right now. I'm just upset. Though hating you would be easier. But that doesn't make me any better than you, right?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

ugh. you're fat.

I hate you ha. Dati diba cool ka? GO AWAY. BIG FAT LOOOOSSEEEERRRR!!!
I'm super hating on someone and it's bloody stupid.
pa naman.
Matanda pa naman.

Chapter ka! Chapter!

[Note: There's TWO of them. Haha. And one of 'em I see in UP! (twice a week, first thing in the morning! Hahaha.. Gets??)]


{This is my hate face. SOOO Pretty noh?}

[credits: My blockmate, ashtrudweh.]

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


You stopped being cool when I saw you were fat.

Not cute, aww fat, but FAT manager fat.


{I'm bitter. Be nice to me again and make me grin. Not smile, grin. Then maybe you'll be cute again.}

But for now...

I'm liking jocks.

The studs who have mucho money, sexy cars, and hot bodies.

Angel wings optional.

I loved you,kisses. :))

(insert evil laugh)

Monday, December 8, 2008

talking to myself

You need help, sexy.

(You like that word, "sexy") Hahaha!

Blow me sweet smoke ring kisses and beautiful dreamer tattoos.

Soon, princess. Soon.

Neurosis is SEXY.

it is. I make it so.

Pohsha dahling has been training me NOT to think so much.

We have not thinking excercises (ball or pen?)


I passed the Corps Level Interview.

Another one this Saturday.

Fingers crossed.

After that, it's all good, baby.